SC Region 暫定ディレクターが決まりました

いままでSCRegionのディレクターはVicki Joさんでした。 
2021年1月よりVicki JoさんがTICA会長の職務につくことになります。
2021年1月からのSCRegionの暫定ディレクターは、Jim  Armelさんに決まりました。
On behalf of the TICA Board of Directors, I am pleased to announce that the Board has chosen Jim Armel for the position of Interim SC Regional Director.
I want to sincerely thank Jackie Rose, Kerry Dolan and Harley DeVilbiss who also stepped forward to be considered. Please know that, with 4 amazing candidates, it was a very difficult decision for the Board. SC is so lucky to have so many qualified and dedicated people in the Region.
Please welcome Jim and thank Jackie, Kerry and Harley!