2021 Membership Ballot Proposals

It is important that you exercise your right to vote as a TICA member.



投票は10月15日(金)日本時間PM22:00/AM8:00(CDT)~ 2021年11月15日午後11時59分(CST)日本時間11月16日(火)14時59分に締め切られます。
113.1 投票参加資格: 良好な状態の各会員は、会費が支払われており、TICAまたはTICAクラブに対して未払いの負債がなく、資格認定日に一時停止リストに載っていないまたは載っていた人で、投票用紙が郵送される月の1日より6ヶ月前に良好な状態の会員であった人は、投票する資格があります。
1013.1 各会員は、1票の投票権を有する。また、正会員1名につき家族会員1名の場合、その会員はさらに1票の投票権を有する。付則13.2.2を参照のこと。
113.1.1 7月1日までに更新されなかった期限切れの会員資格は失効するものとし、過去にさかのぼって更新することはできない。
113.1.2 会員資格が失効した人は、6月30日以降に会員資格を更新した場合、新会員とみなされる。
件名は “TICA 2021 Election Open for Voting”
メールアドレス Help+TICA@YesElections.com “TICA Online “という名前で送信されています。
YesElectionsのHelp+TICA@YesElections.com  または電話(866)384-9978までご連絡ください。
投票資格があるかどうかわからない場合は、TICA ballot@tica.org /電話(956)-428-8046までご連絡ください。
皆様のTICAへの献身に感謝し、ご投票をお願いいたします。投票用紙、メンバーシップ、選挙のガイドラインについてご質問がある場合は、ballot@tica.org までメールでお問い合わせください。
If you have received an email or letter that includes a ballot code and a voting PIN, you are eligible to vote.
Please have both codes on hand when you click the “VOTE HERE” link below.
You can view election information and the available candidate platforms here: TICA.org/resources/our-association/ballots-elections

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Membership Voting

113.1 Qualification. Each member in good standing, one whose dues are paid and who has no outstanding indebtedness to TICA or to any TICA club, and who is not/was not on the Temporary Suspension List on the qualifying date, who was a member in good standing 6 months prior to the first day of the month in which a ballot is to be mailed, shall be eligible to vote.
1013.1 Each Member shall be entitled to one vote. In addition, one Family membership per one regular member shall entitle that member to one additional vote. See By-Laws 13.2.2.
113.1.1 Expired memberships not renewed before July 1st shall lapse and may not be renewed retroactively.
113.1.2 Persons whose membership has expired will be considered new members if they renew their membership after June 30.


In order to vote in this election cycle, you must have been a member by April 1, 2021, and have renewed your membership by June 30, 2021. If you believe that you met these requirements but did not receive a ballot by e-mail on October 23rd, please check the following before contacting the Executive Office:
Please check your e-mail SPAM or trash folders on the date October 15rd.
The subject line is “TICA 2021 Election Open for Voting”
It was sent from the name “TICA Online” from e-mail address “Help+TICA@YesElections.com.
If you have no e-mail address on file at the Executive Office, you have been mailed a paper ballot with instructions on how to vote either online or using the ballot.

Support Options

If you cannot locate your ballot, and you are certain that you met the requirements, for technical assistance with the voting process, or to request a paper ballot:
  • Contact YesElections at Help+TICA@YesElections.com or call (866) 384-9978.
  • If you are not sure of your voting eligibility, please contact TICA at ballot@tica.org or call (956)-428-8046.
  • The deadline to request a paper ballot is Thursday, October 28, 2021. Voting will close on November 15, 2021 at 11:59pm CST.
  • We appreciate your dedication to TICA and thank you for your vote! If you have any questions about your ballot, membership or election guidelines email us at ballot@tica.org.